Frequently asked questions

Is this just another weather app for my phone?

Nope. Immersive Weather is a unique app designed for casting to a local smart display in your home or business. The mobile app allows you to customize the weather data and control where you'd like to cast.

Will it work with my TV or smart display?

Check out our full list of compatible devices.

Can I use my iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire?

The mobile app is currently compatible with iPhones and Android devices. We hope to support additional platforms in the future. A limited demo version can also be cast using the Chrome browser on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. Click the cast icon in the upper-right corner to give it a try!

No devices found?

Make sure you have a turned on and on the same wifi network as your phone. Devices on different wifi networks typically do not appear in the cast list.

Why is the app stuck or frozen?

If the cast device appears frozen or not receiving data, try powering it off and back on to reset the device, or say, "Ok Google, Stop".  If powering off, be sure to unplug the cast device from the power source to ensure a full reboot. Also, completely closing and reopening the mobile app can resolve communication issues with the cast device as well.

Where does the weather data come from?

We monitor feeds from NOAA, including the NWS, NSSL, and NHC. We also maintain a direct SBN (Satellite Broadcast Network) C-band connection with NOAA for real-time data transfers, allowing for immediate alert response times and push-based weather map generation.

Have more questions?

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Useful for home users, businesses, kiosks, hotels, weather enthusiasts, meteorologists, and professionals.